June 30, 2009

Sketch 1 - Gomon

Just a random sketch, this break is hard for me...i wanted to relax but issues came up. this is the only thing I drew up since my break from school -sigh- *sings* I will survive! *sings*

June 19, 2009

Switched it up - Snow

Im proud of this, its off subject to The College Psycho, but I thought it was post worthy. I always wanted to draw a pic up with a snow theme in it, these characters are based on another comic / story idea I've been working on most of my life and just now getting it down to the bits and pieces it needs to be pushed that extra mile. Yay snow (i live in florida, so i never get it be in it lucky or no? xD)

June 16, 2009

The College Psycho - Final Blues

Im so SICK of finals, literally, Ive been sick for the past two weeks and now that finals are due im starting to feel better because its almost over. Having food poisoning for a week didn't help either AT ALL. Also, the dude in this comic is my homie G funk Jared, him and I have the same outlook on this quarter, visit him here with his comic (he updates more then i do :P) Elliminno P heres your update Jared xD nom nom nom nom nom nom nom ZOMBIES!

June 7, 2009

The College Psycho - Art History

revenge on a friend that goes "flasher happy" ahhhh a baseball bat to the crotch xD this is based on a true event but twisted around a bit, I didn't hit him with a baseball bat but he did go streaking once along time ago while he was drunk, this is just what I wanted to do to him at the time *evil*

June 5, 2009

The College Psycho - Florida

In the words of my good friend Jared "Florida does whatever the hell it wants to." Agreed. for those (like me) that have never been in snow or reallly cold weather all our lives...understand this...the others saying to themself "Pfftt, you don't know what cold is" ....ill keep my comments to myself. :D

The College Psycho - Crashes

Yea...there is always one computer that just *EATS* homework without you knowing it. *hissss*

June 2, 2009

The College Psycho - Reviews

You hate them , I hate them, we alllll hate forgetting our dead lines. Hey, I like my sleep too, i always make that deadline :D

The College Psycho - Finals

Ah well now, my friend Jared started doing his web-comic, so I'm joining him on this site with it. Yay friendship. Jared is featured in this comic, during thoughs short breaks from college...you just hate it when someone reminds you how short it is...there goes my hopes again. *squeek*