November 18, 2009

CAPSTONE project storyboard ideas

Though these have changed a little since i drew them, these are the bases, more improving to be done very soon :D PITCH: A man (Draco) tries to save a woman (Gomon) from transforming into her inner beast after witnessing her home village burn.

November 17, 2009

SequA Logo sketch?

Just messing with the name, not sure if they'll use it or let me do this :D Mock up, colors WILL change as well as the wording at the bottom, just a general idea.

SequA Club sketch

This is the idea, My toon is holding up the bottom half of the logo to the Sequential Arts club (my spelling sucks, thats why i had jared txt me eight times for just the logo spelling lol) On the notes to the sketch you can see bullet to the lines i would put in the bubble (where the "This is a test?!" is) You can see I was playing around with the background as well, thinking I might not put one in but well see. If I have to (and if the others want me I will make the logo thing that I got going on the paper as well if you want me to. On the upper half of this will be Zero's character pulling up the sign on the right side ~~> (that side) in his own comic-ish panel. does it work? yes? no? help...