December 29, 2009

Unlikely Hero's Tshirt Design

here is the finished tshirt colors :) even gave it some background colors. The last one is transparent though and goes from white up to the gray one. Let me know if your interested. Enjoy! :)

Jamie n Jared characters of College Psycho

Yup, these are going to be put into a big kinda like holiday/new years thing im going to try and get out by new years day. lol if not oh well :) enjoy

December 9, 2009

Unlikely Hero's T-Shirt Art : The Linework

EDIT Got the flat colors done lol you can see my awesome color pallet too xD I'm to tired to get rid of it. I'm the bomb like that.
Its been awhile since I did anything for Unlikely Hero's. So I was given some pencils to ink and color, here are the inks, I'll get to the flats and shades sometimes this weekend. :D I'm sure Joe will be happy to hear that one. ...