March 3, 2010

Demo Reel Production Schedule

Week 8 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • so I did some editing, played with the speed a bit so i can see where I need to put in some key frames, this is the result of playing with the speed without putting in anything new yet.
  • Got all the in-betweens done and did a mock up of what it'll look like just with what I got how :)

Week 7 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • Got all my keys done and laid out, here is a print thingy I made for them

Week 6 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • finally figure out EXACTLY what im doing things will go much faster :)

Week 5 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • Got my keys all done, now im doing the in-betweens' going and should have a choppy / desent animation this week or next.

Week 4 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • So my computer has decided to crash on me so i lost the beginning work for my project....BEHOLD! I wanted to start over anyway! so now I'm going to change the beginning of the project and take anew, but I'm going to try and draw this by hand rather then straight to the computer.....Guess that means I need to clean off my drawing table at home!
  • Restarting the beginning due to technical difficulties *insert sarcasm here*

Week 3 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • Try to find her schedule she made last quarter....*cry*

Week 2 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • Start drawing out key points. This might take up a whole day or two. Take to Simion about how I should do this.

Week 1 Friday - Demo Reel Production
  • Make a schedule (!) - Well that is what I am doing now isn't it? - Rethink fight scene to "Remake Me" and how I want it to end. Start drawing out key points. This might take up a whole day or two.

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