August 26, 2010

August 25, 2010

The Old Days...

When Things Were Simple
The Old Gang
this is a different kind of style for me, never tried it before. So far I've gotten good reviews on it. What you think?

The College Psycho - Character Sketches

See Jared's faces...
See Jared ride an ostrich (was going to be a dinosaur, but I saw an ostrich, so he rides that) ...
See Jamie's faces...
See Jamie be lazy...
See Jamie questioning herself...
See Zero's faces...
See Zero fail at video games...
Just some sketches of my friends in my comic :) I needed to do some sketching and this was apart of that. enjoy!

August 19, 2010

Random sketching

Got bored with my dragon xD so i did some pointless sketching :)

Element Dragon WIP

Yeah, doing my first dragon, which I have to fix the body still. but this is a process shot of the head :)

August 12, 2010

Draco and Gomon

Here is Draco and Gomon. Oh no! Gomon's nakie! Well she isn't human, she doesn't understand human nature very well. Draco is in the same boat, but since he is human, he has a better idea. Gomon's story is a long one, and someday I will post a bio on my blog about her for you all to see. You'll have to follow it to find out :eager:

August 9, 2010

Draco and Gomon

Sketches of Draco and Gomon :) I had a hard time with Draco of course but hey, i need practice, any critique? (any yes, she is shirtless, I was going to do it with Coraw in the last one, but her post didn't cover much :) im trying to focus more on the anatomy for the characters for now) - I have already noticed the placement of Draco's hips are off, i'll fix it when I wake up.

August 6, 2010

Alacard and Coraw (finished)

Finally getting into my concepts of my main characters. Here is Alacard and Coraw :) I'm bringing sexy back....oops what? Anyway, these two are a pair in the story but they are very...clashie. Shes a rebel princess during the feudal era and he's a science from the year 2496. His so called lab partner majored in travel and time while Alacard majored in the brain and body's limitations. Let's just say his lab partner used alacard as a lab rat and got him sucked into the Fedual era, etc. To much to explain that one day when I get it all written down, you will read :)~ have fun.

August 5, 2010

Alacard and Coraw concept

Since being in my low mood that I have been, I've been drawing a bit better (ironic much?) so this is my current process on my lastest piece.

Cleaning and posting it here :)

So i cleaned up my Deviantart account and using this site more for my sketchies, process work, etc. It gives it time to be more professional (at least to me) to keep it up like this and force myself to build my website here soon.
Any -hoo, here is the sketchie messes I have collected for you :)