September 9, 2010

Interview with me! :D

This is a typical interview set of questions given to me to answer. I answered as honestly as possible.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Jamie Porazinski. I'm a very outgoing, joyful 22 year old that has been in character and concept design for over 5 years. I work well under stress and can easily handle multiple projects.

Describe a typical day in your current life.

Well, a typical day would be very boring really. I get up, grab something light for breakfast and then I'm on my computer working on my portfolio and current art works. I take breaks to play my guitar or go visit my parents for a couple hours. My three year old nephew is always over there so we get to play a lot. And my best friend likes to come over randomly to entertain me with her awesome cooking.

What type of job are you looking for?

I'm looking for a job where I can create interesting yet simple characters. I enjoy this kinda of work because it lets me think outside of the box and have fun with it.

Why do you think you will be successful at this job?

Because I am very open minded to new things, whether I personally like them or not. I love to learn new things and if I do not understand something, I ask questions till I do.

Tell me about your dream job.

My dream job would be becoming lead Character Artist on animated films and video games.

What are your goals for the next five to ten years?

I would like to be married and have a house somewhere away from the city chaos. Somewhere between the five to ten years I want to be on a team for creating video game characters and environments.

Why do you want to be a designer?

Because it lets me be free. I love the idea that any thought, any random thought at all can turn into something that makes people have fun.

What are you most passionate about?

Creating and innovation.

Start with your graduation from college and explain the rationale behind each of your career moves.

Career moves all depend on your connections and networking. Most of mine were based on being resistant and never giving up on something I wanted to do.

Have you ever been fired from a job? Why?

No, I have never been fired.

(If applicable) What did you do during this gap in employment?

Between gaps, I like to freelance and give my time to the local church I grew up with. I try to keep myself busy and keep up my portfolio.

Tell me about the previous work experience you excelled at most. Why do you think you were successful at this job?

I work for Busch Gardens: Howl-O-Scream [Florida] as a scare actor. I believe this job is what really pushed my passion for design. I worked as a bush, dressed in a gillie suit and everything. I pushed my boundaries, even morphed my costume a bit and everyone loved it.

What would you do differently if you could start your working life over?

Make it more structured.

Have you worked with someone you didn't like? If so, how did you handle it?

Of course, I handled it by sucking it up really. There will always be someone in the work field we don't like, but in the end if you really like your job, you'll get over it as long as no one causes any problems.

Tell me about a time that you didn't work well with a supervisor. What was the outcome and how could you have changed the outcome?

I honestly haven't come into this situation yet.

How do you get along with older co-workers?

Just fine, I attend to get along with a lot of different age groups.

Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? Why?

Oh man, it depends on the project. I love to work on a team when it comes to creating something large and different. If the project is small then independent makes it easier to think clearly.

Tell me about a time that you participated in a team. What was your role?

The last time I work on a team project was for my internship in an animation studio. I helped with so many things from cleaning up inks, coloring in flats, and doing shadows to each of the frames. I loved it!

How do you balance life and work?

Surprisingly easy. I pace myself with my work so I'm never over whelmed by last minute deadlines. I make time for my life so I can relax. I do take my work around with me, lets just say no one ever has to ask me for a pencil, there is always one laying around somewhere!

How would you describe the pace at which you work?

Ahh I kinda mentioned that in the last question. It all depends on the work load. Something large scaled needs a good pace to get things done on time. I'll take a section of work, a responsible section and set a time frame to get all of it done.

Do you procrastinate? If so, how do you deal with Procrastination?

Jezz, what artist doesn't? Much like writer's block, I get artist's block. I try to deal with it by keeping my mind on the project and going to something else creative. Such as playing my guitar or browsing something related to the project on hand. Keep things flowing ya know?

How could you improve your time management skills?

By setting myself on a time system. Try and keep things consistent so I'm not always tired. I miss seeing the light of day.

Have you ever broken a deadline? Tell me about it.

I do not believe I've never missed a major deadline. What I mean by this is things that were very important such as a final exam or getting work done by the date assigned by a client. I always seem to mess up small deadlines such as meeting my parents on time for a fishing tournament they go to.

Tell me about a client, employer, or teacher who was not satisfied with your work. What – if anything – did you do to improve the situation?

The best situation I can think of would be of a teacher I had. I turned in my progress for midterms. I don't believe we had the same taste in styles, so I wasn't expecting him to like mine to much. So I turned around for the final to mix the two styles, but kept the part of the project mine.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Easy, calmly as possible. There is no use in blowing up over something. Besides, if you freak out over it, then mistakes are made. I take the energy of being stressed and pressured and try to put that into the work that needs to be done.

What motivates you?

My family and friends. I'm the first in my family to graduate college and I want to make the best of it. Also the site of children's faces when I draw out cartoons for them, makes me feel butterflies.

If the people who know you were asked why you should be hired, what would they say?

That I will get the job done and still have fun in the process. I'm easy to work with and learn quickly.

What type of work environment do you prefer? (E.g. corporate, small company, informal/formal)

I like the work environment Pixar has, it's very laid back yet professional. I think having a view customizable work place does wonders for the employees.

What are your salary expectations for the near future? What are those expectations based on?

My expectations are to be making close to 80k a year in the future. I want to be comfortable in what I make. I make this kind of expectation based on research and interviews I've done with others in the same career as myself.

Why are you leaving your current job?

My current job is my art work, I can never leave it or turn away from it. It's like a lost puppy that you fed in the park, it never leaves!

Have you had contact with customers or clients before? If so, in what context?

Oh yes, plenty of both. They were mostly friends of friends, or people who came to me to make custom birthday cards.

Tell me about a customer or client you have worked with who was difficult. How did you prevent conflict from ruining the relationship?

If I know a customer or client is going to be difficult, I try my best to let the client talk and tell me exactly what they want and are expecting. I write all this down of course. After re-reading what they told me, I ask my questions, just to make sure I have a clear understanding of what they want. This is normally where the conflict comes up, I do my best to keep the peace and keep everything clear. Just so we both are on the same page.

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