September 7, 2010


Oh god, I'm off of deviantart for how many days? And I come back to over 6k messages and pictures to look at. I love you guys!....but no, I refuse to go through that many, :eager: I had a very long week and labor day weekend. It ALLLLLL started on Friday, when I had to class to attend! I slept in (finnaalllyyy) only to get a call from my bestie Tatiana so she can stay the night. She comes over only to remind me we are suppose to go to Adventure Island on Saturday. So i had to get myself ready for that, do all the girly things I love (HATE) to do etc. So the next morning we went to pick up her boyfriend Javi and his brother Jaime (think Spanish for his name). From 10AM to 5:30 PM we stay at that park and the Lazy River became our well known friend! I believe we went on every ride, even the little kiddie ones! My feet are still sore but at least I finally got some sun on my legs and tummy. ....and than! (and than,and than,and than,and than,and than,and than,and than) I came home sore and tired. BUT i stayed up extra late to practice songs I had been given at 8PM Saturday to learn for a concert I was playing in Sunday night. Lets just say those are the fastest songs I had ever learned to play on the guitar. Yes, the GUITAR. I play guitar for those of you who don't know. I wish I had someone to record it, I'll ask around for that next time and show you guys. ....and than! (and than,and than,and than,and than,and than,and than,and than) Sunday I was playing the guitar from 9:30AM till 4PM. On Sunday mornings I volunteer my guitar-ieness to the church I grew up with. So the band we are forming more and more doesn't have a name, but we love to rock. Me and the bass player Jaime (yes Jaime from Adventure Island) are trying to get together more often and just play to play, but I think we might do more of that once I am done with school, even if he is in school himself. From 4pm to 5:45pm I had a break to semi-start my laundry at my parents house haha, than i went back to practice more for the concert "LIVE" that started at 6:30PM. Even if it was only 5 songs we played, we made the best of them. Even if the last song I completely made up my tabs out of no where. I just new the song was in G and went with it. (Hahah shhh that's suppose to be a secret!) Monday, I finished my Laundry and played "Monster with my nephew all day, he's three. Than sometime after that I completely chilled out and neglected my art work. and Tuesday, I went to my internship at Fates (clicky link) Humoring the Fates Yes, shameless promotion, I'm sure they don't mind :eager: I was there for most of the day. 2PM till 9PM? Ben got me gummy bears :hug: I was happy for the rest of the day! So I colored and shadowed my way through some tweens in a scene. I try to do what I can for the day, because I have so much other homework to do (like a paper to write that I haven't started...) I need at least one day to do it with. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my only real days off. Monday, Thursday, and Friday I have classes and weekends go to practicing guitar for thy band (Carlos should love this entry, he doesn't know I practice or thinks I do :eager: ) and this is my week! Why did I put it here? well I felt like it that's why T^T Have a nice day! NO SOUP FOR YOU will post up artwork soon :) -Jamie

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