September 16, 2010

Values and Understanding

Constantly the boundaries between friendships and relations are always being tested. I have watched countless couples, friends, break apart because of what they clash with. It's not about what you like and don't like, its about understanding. If you understand their views, walk a day in their shoes, you'll get somewhere. Even if you do not like what they are doing, try to put yourself there, to understand. Then there are times when families conflict with each other. My family is very close, but as you know, my father and I sometimes clash. I've studied his world, I grew up in school learning about his generation and how things worked. I even remember I once built a old fashioned animation box. I enjoyed myself learning how to do things back then. Now I talk to my father about whats going on with my generation and he becomes defensive. He claims he doesn't have time to learn about everything that's going on in my world. He doesn't need all the technology because in the end it becomes to expensive to repair. I try to keep my mouth shut over these times, because it's a never ending argument. I do understand, that some things today get expensive, but I'm not asking him to buy it. I'm asking him to understand it. It breaks my heart, when I try to explain my major to my father, and all he does is look at me like I'm crazy. I hardly show him my art work anymore, just because I know he'll never understand it. Don't get me wrong, I love my father, he's a great dad, always will be. I just wish he would take the time to understand. He thinks being the age he is, he doesn't have it in him to understand it all. But he doesn't understand that I don't want him to understand it all, just me, just what I do. I want him to be able to look at a commercial and instead of going "That was stupid" because of the graphics. I want him to be able to say "My daughter can do that". I want him to be able to tell his co-workers and friends what I do, without going "drawing cartoons or something...". I wish he would just understand me, understand what I love to do.

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