July 7, 2011

Off topic, serious.

Long ago, I went through a scare of thinking I had cancer, I went through blood tests, seen doctors. I was lucky enough not to have any problems. I understand more than most of the problems of this world are, mostly all of it focus around money problems. Being open about my 127k debt that I am in, I can see why the world's problems are money. Those tests are not cheap, and since I was still under my parents health insurance at the time, it was covered.
But what if you work, get sick, and loose that health coverage. How are you suppose to afford all the things you need? When you need coverage the most, it goes away. What is the point of having the insurance if it just goes away when you need it the most?
I can look outside my window right now and count endlessly on the people that seriously need it but can never afford it. Something so serious can be so expensive, money is money till the people get greedy with it and only want it all for themselves.
I've been used for money. Oh man, one to many times have I given people money only to realize it was used for drugs or something completely different than what I believed. But to this day I will not stop helping. Maybe not the same people, but if I know someone needs it more than myself...I will give it to them.
As of today I am still jobless, I don't have a steady income, my parents try to help me the best they can but have their own money problems with my mother's heart condition and my father loosing hours at work. I live with my boyfriends parents who are going through some medical issues themselves. My boyfriend works part time and helps me the best he can, but he can't help me pay off my loans. I have only 3k left in savings to get me buy and I can't touch it.
I wont stop helping, I can't. Even if these people don't deserve the help. If they have never done me wrong, than I'll still do my best to show them some kindness. Anything is better than nothing in a time when the world needs something.

June 23, 2011


Yay the kakashi drawing I forgot all about and finished today! Yaayyyy -_-

June 17, 2011


I'm coming up on the end of my grace periods, still jobless and not a soul is hiring me ;( I think i might be over qualified to some places because of my degree. Just finding out what all my payments are going to be monthly with these guys is more than I believed it would be in the first place. Lets just say its over 600 a month. How do that figure a student (well most of us that like having social lives) to pay that right out of the buck? Oh sweet money tree, how we need you to grace us with your leafs of Franklin's!
I did apply to Pixar recently, received the e-mail as well that they received my portfolio and resume stuff. I hope they take the chance with me, we all have to start somewhere and even if I am low on the totem poll most people who do work with me know I'm easy to teach and always willing to learn something new. After all, nothing works without practice and where else can you get room practice at? :D Wish me luck!

April 3, 2011

Screaming Flames

New Concept for Gomon's past outfit, just a scene from the comic I'm working on sketching up. This is also proof that I'm still alive, but only improving my works the best I can slowly but surely.

April 1, 2011

Life is Content

I'm living in a new area now, about an hour away from where I originally stayed and lived my whole life. I'm living with a wonderful man, his parents are very loving and I love them as my own. I'm only writing this because as I look out the bedroom window into the sunny Florida weather to the people that live around here and that I've gotten to know, I can finally say I'm happy again.
Ever since my life went spiraling down after late 2009, I struggled through college. Many times I want to give up with it and just do something normal. I almost stopped believing in dreams and happiness. This world we live in likes to make you panic and give up such wonderful and precious things. You start to forget everything happens for a reason and you loose track of how beautiful this world really is. Yes, it will have its ugly times (war, people dying, etc.) but take these times, even if they had effected you directly, to look around yourself. Look at your loved ones, what you have now, still. Remember no matter how bad things get, you still have wonderful things, people, dreams, and yourself. After every storm ,there is a sunny day behind it. You jsut have to let it take its course before you can see it.

February 12, 2011

Comic Coloring: Entry 1

Yup, going to keep a blog of this job I'm doing. Going to be a long book as far as I am aware of, I'm putting down the colors for it and cleaning up any line work that I might have to do in the future. I'm taking the same things I learned at my internship and putting it into this deal for now. Who knows, I might experiment some and look up things on youtube :D yay for tutorials!

January 11, 2011

Wow, Sharkie too :D

It's been awhile since I last updated and for that I am sorry. I recently graduated, moved, and in the process of job searching like crazy. Such is life. :) But here we go, I published my own website that I will attach this blog to soon, and working on some comics and other commissions. One of which is this shark tattoo for a friend :D
Can you tell which was my first sketch? Haha, I like number 2 the best, its more dynamic.