April 1, 2011

Life is Content

I'm living in a new area now, about an hour away from where I originally stayed and lived my whole life. I'm living with a wonderful man, his parents are very loving and I love them as my own. I'm only writing this because as I look out the bedroom window into the sunny Florida weather to the people that live around here and that I've gotten to know, I can finally say I'm happy again.
Ever since my life went spiraling down after late 2009, I struggled through college. Many times I want to give up with it and just do something normal. I almost stopped believing in dreams and happiness. This world we live in likes to make you panic and give up such wonderful and precious things. You start to forget everything happens for a reason and you loose track of how beautiful this world really is. Yes, it will have its ugly times (war, people dying, etc.) but take these times, even if they had effected you directly, to look around yourself. Look at your loved ones, what you have now, still. Remember no matter how bad things get, you still have wonderful things, people, dreams, and yourself. After every storm ,there is a sunny day behind it. You jsut have to let it take its course before you can see it.

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