June 17, 2011


I'm coming up on the end of my grace periods, still jobless and not a soul is hiring me ;( I think i might be over qualified to some places because of my degree. Just finding out what all my payments are going to be monthly with these guys is more than I believed it would be in the first place. Lets just say its over 600 a month. How do that figure a student (well most of us that like having social lives) to pay that right out of the buck? Oh sweet money tree, how we need you to grace us with your leafs of Franklin's!
I did apply to Pixar recently, received the e-mail as well that they received my portfolio and resume stuff. I hope they take the chance with me, we all have to start somewhere and even if I am low on the totem poll most people who do work with me know I'm easy to teach and always willing to learn something new. After all, nothing works without practice and where else can you get room practice at? :D Wish me luck!

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