Jamie Porazinski
Tampa, FL (813) 601-2225


2010                       The Art Institute of Tampa, Tampa, FL
                               Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media Arts and Animation


2011 - 2012           Caricature Artist - Sears
                               Freelanced hired during special events to draw costumers/employees in-store.
2010 Aug – Dec     2D Animator - Humoring The Fates
                               Coordinated in a team effort animation “Post Human” ranging from cleaning up
                               line work, applying flats and shadows. Understanding of the animation process
                               and effort to learn new techniques was required.

2010                      Submission Monitor – Concept World
                              Managed submissions of artwork for a web group. Responsible for critiquing,
                              and accepting / declining work.

2009 – 2010          Commissioned Painting – Celebration Free Methodist Tampa, FL
                              Sketched out and planned a canvas painting for the youth ministry.

2009                      Art Institute of Tampa – F8* Animation Festival Tampa, FL
                              Edited and planned out the entire film in a team effort. Assisted director with
                              pictures and other animations in film format as well as animating some of the

2008 – 2010          Short Comics – The College Psycho Tampa, FL
                              Created a self made comic involving stylized creations of real life people and
                              situations. Sketch, inking, coloring and story all created by Jamie Porazinski.

2007 – 2008         Comic Book Colorist – Unlikely Heros Tampa, FL
                             Administered editing and improving line quality as well as color contrast between
                             characters in comic format. Published on March 2008 to 2009.


Profinient:             Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Excel, Word, Powerpoint

Knowledgeable:   Flash, Maya, Premiere, After Effects